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Service and spare parts

Agrosem customer service staff – highly skilled specialists who “are going in step” with the changes in modern technologies and their maintenance. As an authorized dealer of agricultural machinery John Deere, we are the source for professional, quality service and supplier of original parts. And this is just one of the advantages of our company. For decent service of our customers we provide warranty and post-warranty service of agricultural machinery of foreign manufacture in the shortest possible time.

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Warranty maintenance includes:

  • Instruction of operators and commissioning of machinery;
  • Setting the machinery in the field environment;
  • Training of operators the basics of operating and maintenance;
  • Conduction of routine maintenance;
  • Removing of machine breakdowns during the warranty period;
  • Season and off season: inspection of machines, storage of machinery.

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Post-warranty maintenance:

  • Regular technical maintenance of machines detection;
  • Carrying out the repairs of all types and complexity in the service center using original spare parts, special tools and equipment;
  • All types of diagnostics and repairs directly on the road to the client;
  • Trainings of operators of agricultural machinery;
  • Season and off season free malfunction of machinery;

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Service Department of agricultural machinery

Pavdun Yevhen Vasyliovych  +38 0 (67) 679-51-39  

Department of spare parts

Stetsko Ihor Ivanovych +38 0 (67) 679-51-57

Sales Managers of spare parts

Badovskyi Mykhailo Stepanovych (Ternopil) +38 0 (67) 547-46-22

Chornenkyi Yurii Vasyliovych (Ternopil) +38 0 (67) 463-64-15

Dobroselskyy Volodymyr Arkadiyovych (Ternopil) +38 0 (67) 325-74-80

Prokofev Igor Vasylovych (Khmelnytskyy) +38 0 (67) 354-67-33

Hula Andriy Mykolayovych (Khmelnytskyy) +38 0 (67) 354-67-35