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Seed of corn

Company “Agrosem” is the official representative of leading companies in selection of corn seed - Saaten Union, Saatbau, Dekalb.

Saaten Union - is German group corporation which unites seven seed selection companies with more than 100 year work experience, that gives great attention to corn seed on all production phases. While seed growing it is used the newest technologies due to which it became possible to develop hybrid resistant to any climatic conditions. Company proposes great choice of hybrids with different characteristics, early-season, middle early-season, with high-level of resistance to diseases and lodging.

Saatbau - German seed company, established in 1892, managing actively in introduction of elite seeds in more than 20 countries. It is important to know that company carries works directed on development of selective material adjusted to climatic environments of our country.

Dekalb is the brand of world-known company Minsanto in which considerable attention is paid to corn seeds, creation of new hybrids, which could provide maximum productivity and efficiency in different climatic zones.

Huge choice of seed crops will allow to increase productivity and profitability of your business.


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