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Special properties of sugar beet seeds

Breeding science went far forward and with it increased interest in sugar beet seeds, although more recently its percentage was much lower than the demand for fodder beet. In our online store you can choose seeds of sugar beet from a very developed wide range. Our staff will help you make the right choice for the best products.

We sell sugar beet seeds, which have a very high quality resistance to various diseases. For example, there is a very rare disease – Rhizoctonia blight that completely kills the entire sugar beet crop and it is impossible to cure it. But our high-technological beet seeds have protective qualities against even a very rare disease.

Seeds of sugar beet, which you can purchase in our store, have a very high potential for a good harvest. Moreover, we ensure that with our seeds you will get a good harves. Our products are suitable for growing in all parts of the country and, therefore, no matter where you are geographically, we will deliver your order at any point of Ukraine.

The entire range of sugar beet seeds is of various qualities that most clearly manifested in the changes of its biological, morphological, physical and mechanical properties. Based on these differences in properties is conducted a special cleaning of seeds before sorting and calibration.

Our company is ready to take orders for large and small parties of sugar beet seeds, but first of all our professional experts will give you the opportunity to know the detailed information on products and help to select the best variety of sugar beet seeds.

In Ukrainian market LLC “Agrosem” offers the following sugar beet hybrids from leading companies – Sesvanderhave and Strube.